"What is the goal?"

We want to claw back every cent that landlords have made renting illegal, substandard housing, and to come together as a community to end the cycle of abuse towards tenants.

"Holding landlords accountable? Good luck."

Respectfully, we don't need luck - this is happening. Suits will be filed. The revolt is lawyered the f*ck up.

"My situation doesn't qualify–does it?"

Remember that fancy lawyer we mentioned? If you're at all curious about qualifying, fill out the form. We are happy to find out whether you have a case.

"Will my landlord find out?"

Everything is completely confidential. The intake form is an expression of interest, but absolutely nothing will happen without your explicit consent. 

"​What happens after I fill out the form?"

There is one intake specialist who will reach out to discuss your situation. This is the only person with access to your information, aside from the attorney. Your information will only be used to determine the viability of your case and absolutely nothing else.